Jimmy Takiyama, owner and master specialist of Aya Salon is originally from Japan. Being intrigued with style and influenced by the elegance of Asian simplicity, Jimmy took his creative yearnings into the beauty business. He acquired an in-depth education about hair and beauty and learned the unique Japanese technique of hair straightening. Famous for his "dry-cutting" method, Jimmy sculpts stunning and unparalleled trend-setting styles. Masterfully bringing hair to life, Jimmy creates a classic and imaginative haircut combining definition and movement. He lives by his motto: "Beautiful hair is healthy hair."

Takiyama practices his craft daily in his unique salon, Aya (www.aya-salon.com). The word 'Aya' was a very intentional choice for the title of Jimmy's business. Japanese for 'many different colors,' the salon's name is a double entendre. Not only do the many different colors refer to the spectrum of hair service options available, but more importantly, 'Aya' is also a reference to the various individuals whose creativity evolves inside Takiyama's doors. When he opened the salon, the successful integration of people from vastly different backgrounds and heritages was paramount to Jimmy. Despite language barriers and cultural differences, one has only to pay a visit to the Santa Monica salon to experience the fruition and celebrity of Jimmy's veritable artist's palette of employees. Each of the stylists offers distinct skills and life experience, and Takiyama is commended highly for blending them all beautifully to culminate in the best salon experience Los Angeles has to offer.

Jimmy's passion is limitless. His skills run the gamut from simplistic cuts to intricate extension applications. His Japanese hair straightening is a favorite request by clients of the salon, and his dry hair cutting technique is hailed as 'innovative' and 'superior.' His portfolio boasts an endless range of visions for hair, dependent upon the desires of his clients. Takiyama is highly coveted for film work and and for photo shoots, and his credits include work for MTV, various high fashion runway projects, and red carpet events. Although he miraculously manages both a salon and his industrious personal schedule, Jimmy smiles, laughs, and enjoys being in his element. Even under the duress of his crowded calendar, he is incredibly accommodating for his regular clients. And although the entertainment business seems to take its toll on even the most steadfast of people, Takiyama's philosophies remain unchanged. "The best hair," Jimmy states humbly, "is the kind of hair that leaves the person in my chair happier than before they came to visit me."